The Other Wife

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The Other Wife Book Cover

What happens in a woman’s life when her husband dies? What kind of secrets might be revealed?

The inspiration behind the story comes from my husband, Steve, who died in front of me early one morning a few years ago. Steve was in the cardiac unit of our local hospital and I was sitting at the end of his bed in the semi-darkness, when he suddenly made a strange sound. At the time, I thought it was the oddest snore I’d ever heard. Turns out it was the infamous ‘death rattle’. Since Steve was in the hospital, all the monitors tripped. They called a Code Blue and the medical team managed to resuscitate him. He’s since had a triple by-pass and doing well. But that experience in 2011 started me thinking: What if Steve had been at home asleep in our bed? What if when he let out that horrible sound, I assumed it was merely a loud snore? I probably would have poked him, rolled over in bed, and gone back to sleep… only to wake up the next morning and find him dead in bed beside me. Thank God that’s not what happened. But the memory of Steve’s hospital experience fired up my imagination, and a new story was born.