Here Comes the Bride Blog Hop

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Here Comes the Bride Blog Hop

Welcome to Fabulous Fun Friday! I’m taking part in the ‘Here Comes The Bride Blog Hop’, featuring my novel Royal Secrets, about a family owned Las Vegas wedding chapel where dreams come true and are just as easily destroyed.

Read on for an exclusive interview with Lily Lavendar of Royal Secrets.  Lily joins us to chat about brides and her family’s wedding chapel. P.S. Don’t forget to enter the ‘Here Comes The Bride’ blog hop contest at the end of Lily’s interview… you could win big!


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Are brides nervous on the big day?

Lily Lavendar: Depends on the bride. Some are ready to walk down the aisle and can’t wait for the music to start. Others experience a slight case of the jitters, while a few have complete meltdowns.  Surprisingly, though, it’s the grooms who get nervous. We’ve never had a bride faint at the Royal Wedding Chapel, but we’ve had three grooms get wobbly at the knees. One actually collapsed in a dead faint while standing at the altar. It took 20 minutes before he felt well enough to go on with the ceremony.

Does anything go wrong at the Royal Wedding Chapel?

Lily Lavendar: Do you really expect me to give away our behind-the-chapel-walls secrets? I don’t think so! Let’s just put it this way: my mother Mimi, our family friend Francesca, and my daughter Tori are very good at turning wedding disasters into bridal bliss. P.S. Champagne works wonders in calming wedding-day nerves!

Do you have a Bridezilla story you can share with us?

Lily Lavendar: One bride (who shall remain nameless) actually threatened to sue us. She was extremely high-maintenance; the type of bride that everyone in the wedding business hates to work with. Nothing made her happy. She didn’t like the color of flowers in her bouquet. She complained that we were running behind schedule (not true). When her mouth started getting filthy and she called my mother a ‘*itch’, I decided we’d heard and seen enough of that particular bride. She and her wedding party received a complimentary limousine ride to another chapel just down the street.

You can’t have a wedding without family and friends, right? 

Lily Lavendar: Las Vegas is one of the world’s most famous ‘destination wedding sites’, but plenty of the bridal couples at the Royal Wedding Chapel show up by themselves without anyone to witness their vows. Others choose to make their wedding day a ‘family reunion’ of sorts, with family and friends flying in from all over to help them celebrate. Whichever they prefer, we make it work.

Are you still a believer in the happily ever after?

Lily Lavendar: I used to be. But after watching Mimi go through three failed marriages, my dreams of a happily-ever-after for myself faded as quickly as a Vegas sunset. My teenage daughter Tori is such a romantic, but I’ve turned into a realist. Romance isn’t in my future… even though Jack seems to be trying his best to convince me otherwise. Will he succeed? I don’t know. But this is Vegas. Anything is possible!


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