Deep Fried Reservations

Deep Fried Reservations by Kathleen Irene Paterka book coverBook #5 of The James Bay Novel Series

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It’s a family recipe for disaster…

Katy Malinski and her widowed father, Chuck, serve up great food and a friendly atmosphere in their Northern-Michigan-family-owned restaurant. But when a mysterious visitor from Hawaii shows up one day claiming to be Chuck’s daughter, things between Katy and her dad head south fast. Confronted with the consequences of a long-forgotten romance, Chuck welcomes Mai with open arms. But Katy isn’t buying the exotic new addition to their family menu. Who is Mai and why, after all these years, has she suddenly shown up in James Bay? Tensions flare between the two sisters as Mai dons an apron, joins the family business, and starts giving orders to staff and Katy alike. Convinced her disagreeable sister is up to no good, Katy does her best to warn Chuck. But sharing her suspicions backfires big time, and Katy finds herself all alone in her quest to expose the truth behind Mai’s true motives, and find out exactly who her sister really is. What happens when you suddenly find yourself at war with the loved ones in your life? For Katy and Chuck, the stakes couldn’t be higher. It’s not just their restaurant on the line: this simmering feud has the potential to explode, destroying their family forever.

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The tone was set in this book from the first chapter. I was going to love this book. The POVs were awesome and the characters were people you became invested in. Pop, Katy and Maui brought so many emotions out of me. I felt like I was sitting in Chuck’s!! It’s hard to find good fiction and I could kick myself again with this gem stuck in my Kindle for so long without reading it. But I can now say I did I am a happy reader. I am going to like this town reading about the Twins next!!   … Amazon Review, SIBLING RIVALRY


Kathleen Irene Paterka has cooked up another winner in her James Bay series with “Deep Fried Reservations,” a story whose main setting is a restaurant but is really about the bonds of family. Paterka has a great gift for creating human characters of real dimension and depth. They’re flawed, as we all are, but there’s enough goodness in them that you find yourself rooting for them every step of their journey. … Amazon Review, A STORY ABOUT FAMILY AND WHAT IT REALLY MEANS




Here’s a funny thing about running a restaurant: you never know who’s going to walk in the door. Chuck’s Tavern & Grill always draws a crowd, and that means all types of customers. No matter what they say or do, the customer is king, Pop reminds our staff when he catches them complaining.

But Pop isn’t on the floor right now, and I’m the one in charge of keeping the bickering in check. All of us are feeling hot and frazzled on this crazy busy day in mid-July, including me, Katy Malinski, alone behind the bar. I pour shots, blend sweet frothy concoctions, and serve beers, while keeping one eye peeled on the growing line of customers crowding through the front door. The summer high season, with its glorious weather, is nothing short of organized chaos for places like Chuck’s. After a day spent packing our Northern Michigan beaches, strolling the sidewalks, and jamming the exclusive downtown resort shops, tourists wandering into Chuck’s only want three things: air-conditioned comfort, a cool drink, and a good meal. And just as soon as I finish pouring this next shot, I promise myself, I’m calling Pop up from his basement office, so he can play host. That line isn’t getting any smaller.

Then the front door opens, and she walks in. She stands alone, a mere slip of a thing; a small, sleek presence near the front of the line. The hair on the back of my neck prickles as I catch sight of her, and I’m suddenly spooked. I know I’ve never seen her before. If someone showed up with a Bible right now, I’d be able to swear I don’t know her. I rarely forget a face. And she’s the kind of woman you don’t forget. Beautiful. Exotic. Intense.

Dangerous, something deep down inside warns.

If I thought my day was bad before, I’m suddenly convinced it’s about to get a whole lot worse.



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