A Little Rant… And a Big Blessing

Apr 13, 2020 by

A Little Rant…    And a Big Blessing

Cooped up in your house? Me, too. Daily I try my best to practice gratitude, reminding myself that I have absolutely nothing to complain about. I have a home, food in the fridge, toilet paper in the bathroom. And I am not sick. Neither is my husband Steve. He’s extremely high-risk, and we’ve been taking extraordinary measures to do what we can to safeguard his health. Social distancing. Face masks. Long solitary walks instead of the gym. Reading. Netflix. Way too much Netflix! And I’m losing patience with ZOOM meetings (please, mute your mics, people!)… plus, whoever heard of ZOOM before all this hit? Not me.


Who among us isn’t hoping and praying that this will all be over, and very soon? For a return to ‘normal’, or whatever the ‘new normal’ will be. Part of me wants that to happen. Part of me longs for that to happen. BUT I want Steve safe. I want us all safe. So I sigh, and I wait. I social distance. I stay in the house. I hope, and I pray.


MEANWHILE… Olivetti Typewrite on a desk


I write. Two to three hours each day I’m working on my edits to SISTERS. Writing has always been a part of my daily routine, and every single day when I sit at my computer, I’m transported into the world of Mary Anne, Margaret, Naomi and Pats. Being with them each day takes me out of myself. Out of my head. Out of┬áthe fear. Out of this world of pandemic, tumbling head on into that blessed world of the story magic.


For today, I can’t express how blessed I feel, to be a writer.